Thick – Toxin Free – Yoga Mats

Consciously Cool Chick believes in safety first, which is why we worked so conscientiously to develop the ultimate extra-slip-resistant yoga mat. The mat is quite grippy and will absorb all the sweat you can pour out during a hot yoga-session. This combination yoga mat also comes with built-in towel and is the solution for a slip-resistant workout.

To enhance the mat’s slip-prevention effectiveness, it’s best to spray it with a bit of water before use. The more you sweat, the grippier the mat gets!

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Beautiful and extra-slip resistance

Each design pushes out into the world its own inspirational message: Beauty, Breathe, Yoga Junkie, Love, and Aspire. Yoga should be a rewarding and mindful experience, not a slippery, frustrating ordeal. Consciously Cool Chick’s extra-slip-resistant yoga mat will transform your “Namaste” into a secure “Nama-stay!”


Toxin Free Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

Your physical well-being matters to us – we only sell eco-friendly yoga mats. Consciously Cool Chick is committed to ensuring that all of its products are toxin-free and contribute in a positive way to your health and our shared environment. Consciously Cool Chick’s yoga mats consists of an absorbent microfiber top layer bonded to a base of 100% natural tree rubber.

You need a bright, fun and sexy mat to help you shine during your practice.

Big Thick Yoga Mat

Consciously Cool Chick’s yoga mat consists of an absorbent microfiber top layer bonded to a base of 100% natural tree rubber. It is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable. The designs use water-based inks. Our mat measures 68” by 24” and weighs approximately five pounds.

MACHINE WASHABLE: You can pop the mat into your washer on delicate for easy cleaning.

Thick Yoga Mat
Combo Yoga Mat / Towel - Aspire Design

Aspire Yoga Mat


All In One Yoga Mat / Towel - Love Design

Love Yoga Mat


Yoga Mat - Yoga Junkie Design

Yoga Junkie Yoga Mat


All-In-One Yoga Mat / Towel - Breathe Design

Breathe Yoga Mat


Combo Yoga Mat / Towel - Beauty Design

Beauty Yoga Mat