Hot Yoga for Beginners

Hot yoga is any type of yoga class conducted in a heated room, usually cranked up between 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit. One specific type of hot yoga, Power Vinyasa (Flow) yoga, is an energetic practice that involves moving fluidly from one yoga pose to the next while maintaining consistent breathing. Another hot-yoga option called Bikram yoga involves a series of 26 poses (and two breathing exercises) developed by yoga master Bikram Choudhury. Regardless of the particular type of hot yoga you practice, prepare for a sweltering experience!

Hot Yoga for Beginners Tips

Because hot yoga can raise your core body temperature and cause you to perspire profusely, there are some tips  for hot yoga beginners to keep in mind. Consciously Cool Chick suggests the following:

  • Hydrate yourself with water throughout the day of your upcoming class. Cut off your consumption approximately 1-2 hours before the class begins.
  • Keep your meals simple that day and refrain from eating within two hours of your class.
  •  Bring a large container of water with you; resist the urge to wear long pants; don’t be afraid to tell the instructor you are new to the ways of hot yoga.
  •  Once class is in session, don’t hesitate to take breaks, but stay in the room. Make sure you keep breathing!
  • When class is over, don’t rush to get up from your mat and leave. You just sweated your way through a workout that challenges every major muscle group in your body. Take your time during the recovery process.

Finding a Hot Yoga Studio

Finding the studio or gym that’s right for you when starting a hot-yoga regimen is a personal decision. It’s best to first ask friends and family members who do hot yoga for their recommendations. If you want to try hot yoga at home before venturing to a public class, here are some online resources regarding tutorial videos and DVDs:

One more thing: Clearly, you need your own mat (and a towel) for hot yoga. For the amount of sweat-equity you’ll produce during a hot-yoga session, a standard yoga mat isn’t advisable. Consciously Cool Chick happens to know where you can find a slip-resistant, multifunctional yoga mat with built-in towel…