Extra-Slip-Resistant Yoga Mats

08SilverImageConsciously Cool Chick believes in safety first, which is why we worked so conscientiously to develop the ultimate extra-slip-resistant yoga mat. This basic fact is very clear: The more you sweat during a studio or gym class that involves using a mat, the more likely your mat will become a slippery safety hazard. A deep-lunging Warrior II stance or twisted Eagle pose shouldn’t result in a sprained wrist or twisted ankle. Our combination yoga mat with built-in towel is the solution for a slip-resistant workout.

The mat is quite grippy and will absorb all the sweat you can pour out during a hot yoga-session. A combination yoga mat with towel has endless uses: Pilates core work, meditation sessions, strenuous boot-camp and “insanity” classes, floor work, and any fitness routine that includes leg lifts, sit-ups, or cool-down work.

Both online and in the physical world, you have many choices regarding yoga mats. Most inexpensive mats provide a barely-there buffer between your body and the hard floor. Once you experience Consciously Cool Chick’s unique yoga mat with built-in towel, you will feel the difference immediately. Our mat provides the cushioning and stabilization your body deserves.

Beautiful and extra-slip resistance

Each design pushes out into the world its own inspirational message: Beauty, Breathe, Yoga Junkie, Love, and Aspire. Yoga should be a rewarding and mindful experience, not a slippery, frustrating ordeal. Consciously Cool Chick’s extra-slip-resistant yoga mat will transform your “Namaste” into a secure “Nama-stay!”