Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

For consumers concerned with planet Earth’s continued sustainability, an eco-friendly yoga mat is an environmentally kind choice. The types of natural materials sure to make you smile (while balancing your Tree pose) include jute fiber, cotton, all-natural recycled rubber, and bamboo. Additionally, these nontoxic materials don’t omit a suspicious odor.

About that smell you probably detect coming from your inexpensive yoga mat… While PVC plastic (polyvinyl chloride) is sticky and provides stability in mass-produced yoga mats, it’s also considered a toxic material that’s challenging (and expensive) to recycle. Each time you work out using a PVC-based yoga mat, toxins can be released into the air you’re breathing. We suggest you say “Nama-no-way!” to this.

Toxin free eco-friendly yoga mats

Your physical well-being matters to us – we only sell eco-friendly yoga mats. Consciously Cool Chick is committed to ensuring that all of its products are toxin-free and contribute in a positive way to your health and our shared environment. Whether you’re standing or sitting on one of our eco-friendly yoga mats, it’s okay to breathe deeply.

And eventually, you will need to buy a new yoga mat. Because eco-friendly yoga mats are constructed with natural materials, you’ll be able to recycle your biodegradable mat. We considered all these details when developing our combination yoga mat with built-in towel. Consciously Cool Chick’s yoga mat consists of an absorbent microfiber top layer bonded to a base of 100% natural tree rubber.