Cool-Design Yoga Mats

The origin of Consciously Cool Chick’s cool-design yoga mat, exercise active-wear, and other everyday products to come began with artist Camille Enkeboll’s interest in practicing yoga. Although Camille had been a devoted fitness enthusiast for years, she never perceived yoga as a particularly demanding form of exercise. But then she discovered the sweat-drenched glory of hot yoga (and a personal passion for Power Vinyasa yoga), which she believes is challenging yet restorative.

While dripping with perspiration during one particular hot-yoga session, Camille noticed she was losing her grip and balance on the mat, slipping this way and that. A towel brought from home was helpful but would move or bunch up, no matter how much Camille attempted to anchor it.

Yoga mats that look cool and are slip resistant

The idea for a combination yoga mat with built-in towel started to germinate. But Camille wanted something more to stare at than a blank, impersonal mat. She wanted a focal point that could help her concentrate while working through her yoga poses and breathing. And then the artist in her envisioned the hypothetical mat’s creative expression…

The concept of a slip-resistant, multifunctional yoga mat offering designs meant to inspire each mat’s owner is now a reality. The artwork that touches your soul most will allow you to clear your mind—to focus on your breath and get outside your head. In everyday life, it’s hard enough to let go of your mental to-do list and just be (and breathe). Choose from any of Consciously Cool Chick’s five designs to release negative energy and claim contentment:

Beauty: Every woman is beautiful, and worthy of love and happiness. We are the most amazing creatures…please don’t forget that!

Breathe: Keep it simple. Nothing is more important than your breathing—without breath, there is no life.

Yoga Junkie: Yoga can be sexy and fun, no matter your shape or size.

Love: You can only be loved and give love if you truly love yourself.

Aspire: It is so easy for your thinking to get stuck on the wrong radio station playing inside your head. This reflection reminds you to change the channel…

In time, you will add your own narrative to the Consciously Cool Chick yoga-mat design that best communicates the philosophy and pranayama (regulation of breath—your life force) within your soul…